Pet Policy

Hydeaway Stay is Pet-Free

Hydeaway Stay Pet Policy

Pets are not permitted at hydeaway stay properties

Service Canines: Hydeaway Stay will only permit accredited/licensed canines for service work as per The Service Dogs Act and Blind Persons’ Rights Act of Alberta. Neither act offers protection under law for any animal other than qualifed and accredited canines. 

Hydeaway Stay will protect public access rights for all qualifed service dogs. 

Emotional support animals: Emotional support animals do not qualify at this time under law and are not permitted in a Hydeaway Property. 

Unauthorized animals in a property: If evidence of an unauthourized animal is discovered, guests will be subject to a fine of $500.

Qualifcation Criteria: Guest will provide a copy of an ID card from an Assistance Dogs International (ADI) accredited school. Non-ADI accredited school IDs will not be considered. The card must contain the ADI logo to be valid or alternatively, Alberta residents may provide a Government of Alberta issued Service Dog Identification Card.

Alberta Law: Qualified service dogs must have the following – 1. graduated from an ADI affiliated program. 2. Completed a program delivered by an organization identified on the Government’s Qualified List; or passed a test administered by an organization identified on the Qualified List. Only qualified SDA and ADI canines are permitted. SDA and ADI canines currently in training are also permitted by law.

For more information regarding laws related to service animals in Alberta, please call or visit:

Toll free: 310.0000 then 780.427.9136 •

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