Discover 5 Stunning Canmore Fall Spots

September 29, 2023


Canmore is about as charming and authentic a Canadian Rocky Mountain town as you will ever find and we are fortunate enough to call it home.

Canmore is now coming into its own as a destination and it is becoming very well known for its stunning fall colours, central Rockies location, fantastic restaurants and shops, and let’s not forget, a plethora of outdoor activities for the whole family. One activity that we love doing as Canmore locals is viewing the gorgeous fall colours on full display right now. Here are 5 of our favourite places to view fall leaves in Canmore!  

1. Quarry Lake

Quarry Lake is an absolute gem waiting to be discovered and a true local hangout. For a truly magical experience, plan your visit just before sunrise when the fall colours come alive in all their glory or during the afternoon hours when lighting is a little softer. The mirror-like surface of the lake captures the essence of the season, offering breathtaking reflections of the surrounding trees and rugged mountains. And here’s a bonus – if you’ve got your furry friend in tow, the convenience of paid parking is well worth it, with a great dog park right on the premises (just be aware of bears who are known to frequent the area).

2. Canmore Engine Bridge

This spot is the perfect mixture of thoroughfare, scenic spot, and testament to Canmore’s history and relationship with the CPR railway. Built in 1891, the Canmore Engine Bridge is now part of the Bow River Loop Trail (big favourite for locals) and a highly recommended for a walk or cycle. This bridge may seem familiar to some as it prominently featured in the HBO hit: “The Last of Us” where the main characters, Joel and Ellie in Episode 6 cross this iconic bridge. The beautiful Bow River, the surrounding stunning fall colours, and the industrial architecture of the bridge make for some stunning photography and video.

3. Policeman’s Creek Boardwalk

This favourite stroll for locals is right off of downtown across the road from the iconic Big Head Sculpture. Quiet, and never crowded, this wooden walkway follows the meandering Policeman’s Creek for about 4km and has plenty of benches and quiet spots to relax, enjoy the scenery, take photos, or enjoy a hot coffee from Eclipse Coffee Roasters. Yum! You won’t believe you are so close to the hustle and bustle of downtown.

4. Grassi Lakes Trail

One of our personal favourites because it is such a short hike with a rich reward at the end. Grassi Lakes Trail is stunning in the fall with the colours of fall complimenting the crystal clear blue waters of the lakes. Be sure to layer your clothing, wear sunscreen, and above all, be bear aware. Bears are desperately foraging for Buffalo Berries and other delicious foods right now and they are very protective of their food sources. Make lots of noise, hike with others in a group, and carry bear spray.

5. The Legacy Trail

It’s getting colder, but not enough that it can stop a bike adventure while staying in Canmore! The Trail Legacy Trail can be used for walking, running, or biking, but we highly recommend the latter, and better yet, use an e-bike for maximum relaxation and enjoyment. The trail goes well beyond the 22 km to the Banff townsite and affords some of the most beautiful fall spots along the way to take a break and breathe the cool and crisp mountain air. Go at midday to catch the warmth of the sun, dress warm, use a windbreaker, and bring some light gloves!

Those were our favourite spots as voted on by the Hydeaway Stay Team. What are some of yours? 

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