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a place used as a retreat or hiding place

Hydeaway Stay is a premium vacation rental property brand based in Canmore and Calgary, Alberta, Canada that is distinctive, consistent, and trustworthy. The Airbnb marketplace has one common problem wherever you travel: consistency. Some Airbnbs are over the top and provide incredible experiences, while others are mediocre and average. A lot of guests have walked away from short term rentals because it can be too hit and miss. 


It’s safe to say that all guests are looking for a brand they can trust to provide them with memorable moments and experiences with every stay even if it’s in a different location. Premium touches and attention to detail go a long way when you are competing for guests in today’s marketplace. Hydeway Stay was created to bring back that trust and consistency with a brand that hits the mark every time.

 With Hydeaway Stay’s professional Vacation rental management, your premium property will stand out from the rest with distinctive design, intuitive functionality, exceptional amenities, and engaging service. 

Who we are

Experienced Management

We have over 30 years of experience in hospitality and hotel management in some of the best hotels and vacation rental resorts in the Canadian Rockies.

Revenue Driven

Marketing your property should not be restricted to just Airbnb. Hydeaway Stay uses the latest in distribution technology to provide your property maximum exposure on multiple vacation rental booking sites. Hydeaway Stay incentivizes guests to book direct through the website, saving our partners booking site commissions and fees. 

Our goal is to consistently maximize occupancy in your vacation rental at rates that outperform the rest of the market. Exceptional return on investment is what matters most to owners and that cannot be achieved through the exclusive use of one channel, Airbnb.

Digital Marketing

From copyright, photos, and video, to establishing maximum exposure on Google and vacation rental booking sites, our professional management team know how to get your premium vacation property the exposure and market distribution it needs to attract guests and keep them coming back for more

Streamlined Operations

From a digital front desk to scheduling cleaning, we enhance the guest experience by leveraging the latest cloud-based technology just like Airbnb vacation rentals

Luxury Amenity Brand Partnerships

Through Hydeaway Stay professional vacation rental management, guests will experience predictable and premium experiences that will keep them coming back. Unlike many Airbnb vacation rentals, Hydeaway Stay has established affiliate partnerships with brands that you and our guests know and trust which leads to product consistency and guest confidence

Peace of Mind

We manage, maintain, and monitor all properties in Canmore and Calgary as if they were our own vacation rentals. Unlike many Airbnbs, we provide remote noise and occupancy monitoring, digital climate control, and frequent inspections to complement our 24/7 coverage. We protect your investment

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